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Frequently Asked Questions 
Q. What are Kerafy fibers made of? 
A. Kerafy hair building fibers are made from plant-resin and a special keratin derivative that gives our fibers the look and feel of real human hair. This is why the fibers look so natural and blend undetectably with your natural hair. 

Q. Will people be able to tell I’m using hair fibers? 
A. When applied properly, Kerafy hair fibers are designed to blend right into your hair and are virtually undetectable.
Q. Is Kerafy resistant to wind, rain, and perspiration? 
A. Yes. Kerafy hair fibers have a very strong magnetic charge and are designed to bond securely to your hair. Once in place they can withstand all types of weather, including light rain and gusty wind. You can even sweat at the gym with hair fibers in your hair so the risk of fallout is minimal.
Q. Will Kerafy stain?
A. No. Kerafy fibers are designed to be 100% colorfast. They will not stain clothes, bed linens, or your scalp. 

Q. Can I use Kerafy if I’m completely bald? 
A. Unfortunately, no. Kerafy works by bonding to existing hair, and if you are completely bald there’s nothing for it to hold on to. 

Q. Does Kerafy work for women's hair loss? 
A. Kerafy is used by women with thinning hair, especially when your hair has body, but doesn’t have bulk. It is designed for both men and women who want to cover up fine or thinning hair. 

Q. Will Kerafy help with hair growth? 
A. No. Kerafy hair fibers are designed to cover up thinning hair, giving the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. It does not help regrow hair. 

Q. How long does it take to apply Kerafy? 
A. Applying Kerafy is as simple as combing your hair. It can take between 1 to 3 minutes depending on how much coverage you need and how you style your hair.

Q. How long does one application last?
A. Your Kerafy hair fibers will stay in place until you wash them out with shampoo. 

Q. Do I need to wash out Kerafy fibers with a special shampoo?
A. No. You can wash out Kerafy hair fibers with any type of shampoo for easy removal.

Q. Can Kerafy hair fibers cover up gray roots? 
A. Yes. Kerafy is great for covering gray roots as well as root regrowth on color-treated hair.

Q. Does Kerafy work with all hair types? 
A. Yes. Kerafy is designed to work on both thin and coarser hair types.

Q. How do I know which color will be my best match? 
A. Use the Color Chart to find the shade that best resembles your natural hair color. When in doubt choose a shade that is slightly darker than your natural hair color.

Q. Should I style my hair before or after using Kerafy? 
A. Always style your hair and allow it to dry completely before applying Kerafy hair building fibers.

Q.  Can I use hairspray, mousse, or hair gels with Kerafy? 
A. Yes. For hair gels/mousseapply and allow to dry completely before using Kerafy.  For hairspray, apply AFTER Kerafy.

Q. Can I comb my hair after using Kerafy? 
A. Yes. For best results always dry and style your hair before applying Kerafy. You may use a wide toothed comb after if needed for light grooming and to reshape your hair, being careful not to make contact with your scalp.

Q. Can I sleep with Kerafy? 
A. Yes, you can sleep with Kerafy.

Q. Is Kerafy permanent? 
A. Kerafy is not permanent, when used daily it looks like real hair, but washes out with your shampoo.