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Don't Let Hair Loss 
Give Away Your Age!
Kerafy Fibers create visibly thicker hair IN AN INSTANT!
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  • Quickly bonds to your hair.
  • Blends easily & virtually undetectable.
  • Thicker & fuller appearance INSTANTLY
  • Withstands wind, rain, & perspiration. 
  • Ideal for both men & women
  • Softer and lighter fibers will not irritate skin or clog pores
  • Colors don’t run or fade – will not stain clothes or linens
How To Use
Say goodbye to fine or thinning hair with Kerafy Hair Building Fibers. Our unique fibers are made from high-quality plant proteins that look and feel just like real human hair. Simply shake it onto problem areas and watch as the fibers bond instantly to your natural hair leaving you with a thicker, fuller-looking head of hair in minutes.

Step 1: Shake fibers lightly into thinning areas until completely covered.
Step 2: Gently pat your hair to disperse fibers evenly.
Step 3: For maximum durability finish with the Fiber-Lock Spray.
How It Works
The natural plant-derived fibers in Kerafy bond firmly to hair strands and can completely cover fine or thinning patches of hair anywhere you need it. Kerafy blends instantly with your natural hair and is virtually undetectable to the naked eye. The fibers are very soft and light so they won’t irritate the skin or clog pores. Simply apply Kerafy in a few minutes and walk out your door feeling great. It’s never been easier to create the appearance of a thicker, fuller head of hair!
The Kerafy Fiber-Lock Spray is the perfect finishing touch to create an extra-strong bond between Kerafy Hair Building Fibers and your natural hair. This fine mist spray locks the fibers in place, helping to maintain fuller, thicker looking hair that lasts.
Instantly create fuller-looking hair and feel like your younger, more confident  self.
Why It's Superior
Kerafy is unlike many other products out there. Our formulation is designed for all hair types and even works on those with sensitive scalps. Nobody will be able to tell you have hair fibers in your hair! Our hair fibers are virtually invisible to the naked eye and you'll even notice your hair still looks and feels very natural! 

If you're self-conscious about fine or thinning patches of hair, Kerafy can hide those problem areas quickly and effortlessly. 

You don't have to worry about messy liquids, gels, and products that can stain your clothes when using Kerafy. Just sprinkle Kerafy onto thinning areas and watch them bind to your hair in seconds! 

Get ready for those glances from people, wondering how your hair got so incredible. Kerafy doesn't leave any residue or other tell-tale signs that you’re using a cover-up Kerafy hair building fibers are designed to look just like real hair and are virtually undetectable.

Restore youthful-looking hair. Our products are designed to produce life-like results- nobody will know! 

Don't settle for cheap imitation and poor-quality keratin products made out of lower-grade materials. Our breakthrough formula is made with only the highest quality plant-based ingredients to produce fibers that are softer, lighter, and blend more seamlessly with your natural hair.

Kerafy fibers carry a very strong static charge. Once bound to your hair our fibers stay in place when you’re caught in the rain, when you’re sweating at the gym, or when you're out on a windy day. Simply apply the fibers and enjoy the peace of mind that your hairstyle will stay in place, even on your busiest days!
Common Questions

Q. Is Kerafy Permanent?

A. Kerafy is not permanent, when used daily it looks like real hair, but washes out with your shampoo.


Q. How long does one application last?

A. Your Kerafy hair fibers will stay in place until you wash them out with shampoo. 

Q. Does Kerafy work with all hair types? 

A. Yes. Kerafy is designed to work on both thin and coarser hair types.

Q. How long does it take to apply Kerafy? 

A. Applying Kerafy is as simple as combing your hair. It can take between 1 and 3 minutes depending on how much coverage you need and how you style your hair.


Q. Will people be able to tell I’m using hair fibers? 

A. When applied properly, Kerafy hair fibers are designed to blend right into your hair and are virtually undetectable.


Q. Can I sleep with Kerafy?

A. Yes, you can sleep with Kerafy.


Q. Will Kerafy stain?

A. No. Kerafy fibers are designed to be 100% colorfast. They will not stain clothes, bed linens, or your scalp. 


Q. Can I use Kerafy if I’m completely bald? 

A. Unfortunately, no. Kerafy works by bonding to existing hair, and if you are completely bald there’s nothing for it to hold on to. 


Q. Will Kerafy help with hair growth? 

A. No. Kerafy hair fibers are designed to cover up thinning hair, giving the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. It does not help regrow hair. 


Q. Should I style my hair before or after using Kerafy? 

A. Always style your hair and allow it to dry completely before applying Kerafy hair building fibers.

Q. Can I comb my hair after using Kerafy? 

A. Yes. For best results always dry and style your hair before applying Kerafy. You may use a wide toothed comb after if needed for light grooming and to reshape your hair, being careful not to make contact with your scalp. 

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